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Precision Medicine Technology Research Initiative

Owing largely to a unique collaboration of world-renowned cancer researchers, oncologists, scientists, economists and top academic genomic laboratories … 1,000 cancer patients will benefit from the most advanced diagnostic testing available FREE !!!


This real-world, payer-focused research initiative is believed to be the largest precision medicine study of its type.   Conducted by the non-profit Research Consortium, it will assess the clinical utility of recent advancements in precision medicine technology that help oncologists scientifically match cancer drugs to a patient's unique genomic profile ... understanding that without translational research of this type, it may take 15 years or more to get these lifesaving technologies covered by health insurers ... and into widespread clinical use.  

Problem ... and Solution

Today, we know that no two cancers are alike, that people process drugs differently, that cancer is best defeated by genomic-based therapies, and that the hundreds of FDA-approved cancer drugs are routinely prescribed together.  With thousands of genomic variants, and millions of possible drug combinations, literally billions of treatment possibilities exist: making evaluating each beyond human capability.  Much like GPS helps navigate through traffic and unfamiliar territory, precision medicine addresses this complexity with highly advanced AI-supported technology that helps physicians with their complex treatment decision-making by identifying targeted science-based therapies. 

Unfortunately, the scientific research that proves that a new medical intervention works does not include the measures that enable payers to assess their "clinical utility", a term used to describe the relevance, usefulness or value of an intervention in practice.  As a result, sadly, only a small portion

of the 2 million Americans diagnosed with cancer this year will have access to precision medicine technology.   One solution to this problem may be found in conducting more payer-focused "translational research" that is designed to help payers accurately assess their value and adopt them sooner.

Our Research Initiative

This research initiative will assess the clinical utility of new precision medicine technology by studying patients, physicians, health systems and health insurers (in real world settings and scenarios) with the goal being to accelerate coverage by insurers, speed adoption by physicians and increase access to this vital technology to every cancer patient.  

To see a video about our patient-centric version of clinical utility and an overview video narrated by a 58-year old cancer patient who has benefited from the technologies that are the subject of our study — visit our BetterWorld site where you may also contribute to our effort.

Physicians and Cancer Patients Welcome Your Support

This initiative will provide $10,000+ worth of lifesaving precision medicine diagnostic testing FREE to 1,000 cancer patients and their oncologists. Thanks to the generosity of two of the world's leading academic genomics labs, our cost is less than $1,000/study participant. 


To support this vital effort, philanthropic, corporate and foundational sponsors of medical/healthcare research are invited to click HERE.


Individuals and cancer patient advocacy/support groups wanting to promote our research by helping to sponsor the participation of a cancer patient - oncologist pairing, are invited to click HERE.

To participate in the study, email 

Calling All Health Plan Sponsors and Other Commercial Payers !!!

Previewed at the 2023 meeting of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators — whose members manage the health plans of tens of millions of Americans   this video is intended for those who broker, design, fund, administer, manage, control or (re) insure employer health plans as all stakeholders can participate in this industry-wide initiative.


A payer-oriented document which further describes the initiative is available HERE.


To learn about how to support or participate in this payer-focused initiative, contact Richard Nicholas at or via the contact button above.

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We welcome opportunities to collaborate with private companies, advocacy/support groups, and other public and foundational organizations wishing to promote this important research initiative.  Please feel free to link to these 60-second videos — on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media sites.  They direct viewers to where they may learn more about the study and make a donation should they wish. 

Should you wish to view or download a detailed description of this research initiative, click HERE.